Catering Gas Safety Certificates

Catering Gas Safety Certificates

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If you have a commercial kitchen, you have a legal duty to ensure that any gas appliances on your premises are checked and certified by a Gas Safe qualified engineer at least once a year. Commercial kitchens are subject to rigorous regulation because of the ventilation required and fire risks if correct guidance isn’t followed. Also, the equipment can become potentially hazardous if not maintained, so it needs to be regularly inspected for leaks and faults.

According to the UK gas safety regulations and British Standard BS6173, any food business operating a commercial kitchen must install a gas safety interlock system. This is designed to shut off the gas supply in the event of a fan failure and ensure the airflow rates achieved by commercial kitchen extraction systems meet the minimum standards set out by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA). Gas interlock systems operate by monitoring the fan or fans’ operation within the extraction system by one of two possible methods. Either a differential air pressure switch can be used that senses the static air pressure and shuts off at a defined level of air throughout, or an electrical current sensor monitors the electrical current to the fan to achieve the same objective.

The safety certificate that is issued annually by a registered Gas Safe engineer to cover all gas installation and appliances in your kitchen is a CP42. Certificates are valid for 12 months from the date of issue and are required every year by law. They specifically cover commercial kitchen facilities, such as:

  • Restaurants, cafes and clubs
  • Take-away shops and fast food outlets
  • Catering businesses, mobile or fixed kitchens
  • Staff, schools, MOD, NHS, Government canteens
  • Care homes, nursing homes and daycare centres
  • Any food production centres
  • All kitchens in both private and public sectors

Before issuing a CP42 gas safety certificate, the engineer will inspect your equipment and any machinery that has a gas supply to it, and complete a thorough examination of your pipework, gas interlock system, plus the extraction in your kitchen. Your insurance cover will almost certainly depend on you having a current CP42 Gas Safety Certificate. And if you lease your property, don’t assume this is the responsibility of the landlord. Usually, leases include clauses that pass responsibility for gas safety to the leaseholder.

How much is a CP42 commercial catering kitchen gas safety certificate? CP42 catering gas safety certificates cost between £200-300 depending on the kitchen’s size and how much gas equipment is installed. The cost will increase for larger kitchens with multiple extraction canopies.

There are other commercial gas safety certificates to consider as well. In certain circumstances, you may need a Gas Testing and Purging inspection (CP16), or to obtain a Gas Installation Safety Report (CP17), or Gas Commissioning/Servicing Record (CP15).

Further information:

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – Gas safety in catering and hospitality

Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) – Specification for kitchen ventilation systems

Commercial catering gs equipment and appliances need to be installed and maintained correctly. This ensures equipment maintains optimum performance in a safe working environment. Should you notice any issues, such as a gas smell or drop in any equipment’s performance, contact an engineer immediately.

MHL are experts in the installation and safety certification of gas catering equipment in commercial catering kitchens. We also provide gas safety certification to mobile catering trailers and outdoor events.

Our commercial catering gas services include:

  • Gas pipework pressure testing, maintenance and repair
  • Installation and certification of gas catering equipment
  • Gas leak investigation and repair
  • Gas interlock system installation and repair
  • Extraction canopy inspection and certification
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Commercial kitchen hot water boiler installations

Our team will work with you to make sure that your commercial kitchen is safe and that you’re up-to-date with all of the current regulations. To schedule a gas safety inspection, or talk to us about your commercial catering gas needs, call 0800 061 4567

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