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Need a service, repair or replacement of a Remeha commercial boiler?

Taking Care of Remeha Commercial Boilers Nationwide

Remeha are one of the most popular brands on the market when it comes to commercial boilers. When you install a Remeha Boiler, you know you’re getting a piece of equipment that combines low running costs with maximum efficiency and reliability.

At MHL we’ve got a lot of respect for quality equipment that will keep your business running smoothly – which is why we’ve spent years training to become specialists in handling Remeha boilers.

MHL are proud to be considered Remeha boiler experts. Our commercial boiler team are trained and experienced to work on the entire Remeha commercial boiler range. We provide 24/7 service, repair and replacement solutions, wherever you are in there UK.

Simply put we know how to keep your Remeha boiler firing on all cylinders – keeping you open for business.


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If you already have a Remeha boiler installed and have been thinking to yourself: I need a Remeha boiler engineer – look no further than MHL

MHL have decades of experience in repairing, servicing and installing Remeha natural gas and LPG boilers. Our large team of commercial Gas Safe registered engineers provide maintenance solutions for businesses throughout the UK. We also provide Remeha boiler gas safety certification for businesses, delivered onsite and digitally for your convenience

Remeha Boiler Service

MHL are commercial boiler service experts recommended by most leading boiler manufacturers. Commercial boilers require annual servicing to keep them safe, efficient and reliable. For a quote to service your commercial boiler, contact the team  or complete our online enquiry form 

Remeha Boiler Repair

If your heating or hot water lets you down, we can help. MHL are commercial boiler breakdown experts. We provide fast repairs to every type of commercial boiler. For a quick response, contact our commercial breakdown team or complete our online form by clicking the link below

Remeha Boiler Quote

MHL are commercial boiler installers, recommended by most leading commercial boiler brands. Our elite installation teams operate throughout the UK. To help us provide an accurate quotation, please click the link below and complete our short online survey form

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MHL Provide Service, Repair and Replacement Solutions For Remeha Commercial Boilers Nationwide

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