Need a Service, Repair or Installation of a Cold Water Booster Set?

MHL are Nationwide Cold Water Booster Set Specialists

MHL are experts at the service, repair and replacement of cold water booster sets, pressurisation units and multi-stage pumps. We also carry out servicing and repairs to break tanks, inverters and accumulators.

Through many years of experience servicing well-known booster set brands such as Grundfos, Lowara and DAB, we have become experts in cold water booster set maintenance.

The critical job a booster set performs means you should service them annually. There are also significant health and safety considerations for your clients and employees. If a booster set fails, critical systems won’t function, meaning you could be closed for business. You may also require your booster set to be serviced to comply with insurance obligations.

If you require a service, repair, or replacement of a cold water booster set, just choose an option below and complete our short online form.

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Cold Water Booster Set Service

MHL service every type of commercial cold water booster and pressurisation unit. We also service all other types of plant room equipment along with commercial heating and hot water systems

Cold Water Booster Set Repair

MHL are cold water booster set and pressurisation unit breakdown specialists. We provide reactive repairs to Grundfos, Lowara, DAB, Wilo, Mikrofill, Flamco, Armstrong + more. Click the button for a quote

Cold Water Booster Set Replacement

Looking for a quote to install or replace a cold water booster set? No problem, MHL can help nationwide. For a quick quotation, just click the button and complete our short form

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