Need a service, Repair or Installation of a Commercial Boiler or Heater?

Nationwide Maintenance Solutions For Commercial Boilers and Heaters

MHL have a lot of respect for quality equipment that keeps your home and business running smoothly – which is why we’ve spent years becoming accredited partners for multiple boiler brands – how’s that for confidence!

Our team of over 100 highly skilled engineers are regularly trained by leading boiler and heater manufacturers. We’ve gained many years of experience servicing and repairing both gas and oil-fired appliances. We are kept up-to-date with the latest heating tech and carry genuine spare parts for all major brands. Simply put, we know how to keep your boiler or heater firing on all cylinders – keeping your home warm or company open for business.

If you’re looking for a  maintenance solution for a commercial or domestic boiler or heater, contact our friendly team today. We service, repair and replace every make and model nationwide.

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Commercial Boiler Service + Repair

MHL service and repair every type of commercial gas and oil boiler. We also maintain industrial heaters, plant room equipment and more. For an instant quote, contact the team or complete our enquiry form by clicking below

Commercial Boiler Installation

If you’re looking for a new commercial boiler, MHL can help. Our Nationwide team of over 100 installers replace every type of commercial boiler. For a quick quote, click the button and complete our short online form

Commercial Gas Safety Certificate

If you need a commercial or industrial gas safety certificate, we can help. We are gas safety specialists, providing safety certificates for every type of commercial gas appliance. For a quick quote,  click the button below

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MAINTENANCE Solutions for commercial boilers & heaters

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The  MHL award-winning customer service team won’t blow hot and cold. We’re always here with a warm welcome – and you’ll always find a human on the end of the line.  Get in touch today, we’re here 24/7

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