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Need commercial gas catering equipment installed or certified?

MHL are experts in the installation and safety certification of gas catering equipment in commercial kitchens – nationwide

Commercial Catering Gas Engineer

MHL provide fully registered commercial catering gas engineers to businesses through the UK. We provide gas  safety certification and inspections for catering equipment in commercial kitchens, mobile catering trailers and outdoor events. As well as this, we also install gas catering equipment in commercial premises. 

The MHL catering gas team provide commercial catering kitchen inspections for pubs, hotels, restaurants, takeaways, schools and more. Our dedicated team of fully trained commercial Gas Safe registered engineers provide installation and certification solutions to all types of commercial gas catering equipment.

  • Gas pipework pressure testing, maintenance and repair
  • Installation and certification of gas catering equipment
  • Gas leak investigation and repair
  • Gas interlock system installation and repair
  • Extraction canopy inspection and certification
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Commercial kitchen hot water boiler installations
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Commercial gas fitters

Attaining a CP42 gas safe certification for your commercial catering premises ensures the health and safety of your customers and employees. Our commercial catering gas engineers are a highly experienced, gas safe registered team. They can safely install every type of catering gas equipment, including  gas cookers, fryers, chargrills, ovens, grills and solid tops.

As well as installing gas catering equipment, we can inspect your kitchen to ensure it is gas safe. This includes the inspection and service of pipework, appliances and extraction canopies. On completion of the inspection, we will provide a digital CP42 commercial catering inspection report and  gas safety certificate.

Mobile catering commercial gas safety inspection

As well as commercial kitchens in hospitality trade buildings, we also provide gas safety inspections for mobile catering trailers, market stalls and outdoor events.

Annual commercial gas safety inspection

It is the law for all commercial catering gas equipment to have an annual gas safety inspection. This includes mobile catering vans, trailers and outdoor events. MHL can inspect every type of commercial kitchen in the hospitality trade. This includes food trailers, festivals, markets and outdoor events, helping ensure a safe catering site. Following the inspection, we will provide your premises or unit with a commercial gas safety certificate.

As well as an annual gas safety inspections, you should also get in touch with a commercial gas safe engineer for any of the following:

  • A smell of gas
  • A drop in performance of gas equipment
  • New gas appliance installation or maintenance

It’s important for commercial catering gas equipment and appliances to be installed and maintained correctly. This ensures equipment maintains optimum performance in a safe working environment.

Should you notice any issues with any commercial catering gas equipment it’s important to contact a commercial gas safe registered engineer to provide a safety inspection. 

MHL can inspect your commercial catering business to ensure your gas equipment and operations stay safe and effective. Annual maintenance of gas appliances improves health and safety, keeps your insurance valid and equipment efficient.

To schedule a catering gas safety inspection for your business, or for anything commercial catering gas related, contact the MHL team today.

Gas Catering Equipment Installation

MHL install gas catering equipment in commercial kitchens. We can install every type of gas equipment, including range ovens, fryers, chargrills + more. Contact our commercial gas team today for a quote

Catering Gas Safety Certificates

We provide every type of gas safety certificate including CP42 catering kitchen gas safety inspections. We are registered to inspect and certify  commercial kitchens in hotels, pubs, schools, takeaways and more

Mobile Catering Gas Safety Certificates

MHL are one of the few companies to provide gas safety certificates to mobile catering trailers. We supply gas compliance certificates to every type of mobile and outdoor catering business. Get an instant quote today

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