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We all understand the importance of hot water and heating in the workplace. Keeping clients and colleagues warm and safe is a top priority for every business. And the essential part of any heating or hot water system is the trusted boiler. This is where the magic happens, and the vital role your boiler plays means it’s working harder than almost anything else. But, unfortunately, it’s also why your commercial boiler can become unreliable and inefficient with age and why every 10-15 years, it’s likely you’ll need a replacement.

This is where MHL come in. We’ve been installing commercial boilers nationwide for over 30 years, becoming the highest-rated commercial boiler installers in the UK. Our experts will specify the right boiler for your business premises while fine-tuning the installation to provide maximum efficiency.

For more information on commercial boiler replacement, contact MHL today – or for a quick quote, choose one of the options below.

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Commercial Gas Boiler Quotation

If you’re looking for a commercial gas boiler installation we can help. Our Nationwide team replace commercial boilers nationwide. For a quote within 1-hour, click the button and complete our short form

Commercial Oil Boiler Quotation

MHL are commercial oil boiler replacement specialists. Our team of experts install every type of commercial oil boiler nationwide. For a quick quote, click the link and complete our short online form

Commercial Water Heater Quotation

MHL install commercial water heaters nationwide. We are specialist installers for most major brands, including Andrews, Lochinvar and Rinnai. Click the button for a quick quote

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