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MHL Business Care - Nationwide Commercial Boiler and Heating Cover

MHL Business Care has been created to help businesses manage the gas, heating, and boiler maintenance requirements at their commercial premises.

As an MHL Business Care client, you’ll receive special access to our 24/7 help desk and priority call-out facility. In addition, we’ll provide an annual service, gas safety certificate, and heating system health check – all for a single, manageable, annual fee. Our team of over 100 industry professionals operates nationwide, taking care of businesses from small commercial units to hotels, care homes, and schools.

MHL Business Care is the ultimate solution for maintaining boilers and heating systems in commercial premises.

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Commercial Boiler and Heating System Cover

MHL Business Care covers commercial boilers, heating systems, plant room equipment + much more. For a quote within 1-hour, complete our short enquiry form

British Gas Cancelled Your Business Care?

Have British Gas cancelled your Business Care Cover? If so, we can help. Just click the button for a Business Care quote from MHL, we are nationwide 24/7

Warehouse and Factory Heater Cover

We don’t just provide cover for boilers, MHL Business Care can also cover commercial warehouse and factory heaters. For a quote within 1-hour just click the button

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