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MHL Are a Nationwide Team of Commercial Gas and Heating Engineers

If you need a commercial gas engineer or heating system specialist, MHL can help. At MHL, we understand the importance of heating and hot water systems in the workplace and that keeping clients and colleagues warm and safe is a top priority. 

We operate nationwide with over 100 commercial gas and heating engineers, maintaining gas appliances, heating systems, pipework, and general plant room equipment. Meaning wherever you are and whatever you need, MHL will have a solution. 

Partner with MHL, and we’ll make sure your critical systems are running smoothly. For a quick quote, choose an option below and complete the short form.

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Boiler & Heater Service + Repair

We service and repair every type of commercial gas, oil and electric boiler. We also maintain warehouse heaters, water heaters, plant room equipment + more. For a quote within 1-hour, click the button and fill out our short form

Commercial Gas & Heating Engineer

If you’re looking for a commercial gas engineer MHL can help. Our team of experts maintain plant room equipment, commercial heating systems, and hot water services nationwide. For a fast quote, click the button 

Business Care Plans & Boiler Cover

MHL provide commercial boiler and heating cover for every type of business premises. We cover boilers, water heaters, warehouse heaters + much more. For a fast quote, click the button and complete our short form

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