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Electric Boiler Installation, Service & Repair

The MHL electric boiler team can install any make or model of electric boiler at your property. We also carry out repairs and servicing of electric boilers, to ensure the longevity and reliability of your your new electric boiler investment.

Investing in an Electric Boiler

There are many advantages to investing in a new  electric boiler. As well as being a smart and modern alternative to traditional gas and oil boilers, electric boilers don’t require a flue or gas supply. Electric boilers don’t produce any waste gases, meaning they can be sited anywhere in your property by just connected to your existing heating system. This makes them the perfect option for homes without gas, or where a flue exhaust pipe is not an option.                                     

As well as being more versatile and easier to install, an electric boiler installation can be cheaper to install than  gas or oil boilers. Electric boilers are also considered better for the environment as the electricity they use has the potential to be generated by renewable  sources.

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Benefits of an Electric Boiler

Electric boiler systems are better suited to smaller homes or flats which have a lower demand for central heating and hot water. If this sounds ideal for your property, replacing your gas or oil boiler with electric has many benefits.

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • No flue required
  • No condensation pipework required
  • Fewer moving parts and components, meaning fewer faults and maintenance
  • Electric boilers don’t require an annual service, unlike gas or oil boilers
  • A safer option, as there is no chance of a carbon monoxide leak
  • Easier, quicker and cheaper installation costs
  • More compact and versatile design, making them ideal for smaller properties with lower hot water demands than larger properties
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Compatible with solar and PV & thermal features to reduce running costs and energy bills

Things to consider when installing an Electric Combi Boiler system

Electricity supply

Although electric boilers tend to be easier to install, there are several requirements to take into consideration when deciding if an electric boiler is right for your home. These include:

  • The amount of electrical power supplied to your home, this should be at least 100 Amps
  • Whether your property has a single-phase or three-phase energy supply. If you have a three phase power supply you can choose a much more powerful electric boiler
  • The output rating of your home, or the amount of kilowatts required to heat your home and hot water. Single phase electric boilers top out at around 14 kw
  • Installation space. Some types of electric boiler take up a lot more room than a gas combi boiler
  • Whether you have an existing electric shower installed, in this case you should take advice from a qualified electrician 

Replacing a gas or oil boiler

If replacing a gas or oil boiler with an electric central heating boiler, a qualified heating engineer is required to remove the existing boiler from the mains gas or oil supply. They will also be required to install the new electric boiler and hot water tank (if required). A qualified electrician is required to install an adequate power supply and isolation switch, this is typically organised by the householder prior to the boiler installation.

MHL can provide experienced and fully qualified Gas Safe registered engineers to replace your gas or oil boiler with a brand new electric boiler and/or hot water cylinder. 

Electric boiler service, repairs and maintenance

Should you experience any issues with your electric heating, MHL will be standing by to provide service and repairs to your central heating boiler. Our experienced engineers can service, install and repair any make or model of electric boiler, including:

  • Heatrae Sadia
  • Trianco
  • EHC
  • Advance Appliances
  • Santon
  • Amptec
  • Thermaflow
  • Potterton
  • ELECTROrad
  • Elektra
  • Fusion

Our dedicated team are fully trained electric boiler installers are up-to-date with the latest technology, products and innovation. If you require a new electric boiler installation or an electric boiler service or repair, our friendly and knowledgeable office team are ready to answer your call. For a competitive, no-obligation quotation for the service, repair or installation of an electric boiler, contact our friendly office team today.

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Electric Boiler Service

MHL service every type of electric boiler, including electric combi boilers, heat only boilers, unvented hot water cylinders + more. If you need a, electric boiler service, contact our service department today for an instant quote

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We provide emergency electric boiler breakdown repairs. If you need an electric boiler engineer, call our repair team today. Our large team of dedicated electric boiler experts are available  24/7

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If you live in a flat, or smaller home, an electric boiler could be the perfect choice. We install 100’s of electric boilers every year. For a detailed, fixed quote, click the link below and complete our short survey form

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