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MHL Provide Commercial and Industrial Gas Safety Certification for Business Premisses Throughout the UK

MHL are Gas Safe registered to commercial and industrial level. With a team of over 100 gas safety experts, we can provide gas safety certification for your business, helping keep your insurance valid and employees safe.

MHL‘s gas safety inspectors are qualified to certify every type of commercial gas appliance. We also inspect every type of businesses premises, from high-rise buildings to commercial kitchens and mobile catering vehicles. Our proud list of UK clients includes universities, schools, hotels, airports and the NHS

If you require more information on commercial or industrial gas certification, or would like to book an inspection, call our office team 24/7 

Commercial gas safety certificate

MHL can provide gas safety certification for commercial and industrial properties. With a team of over 100 gas safe registered engineers, we can provide same-day gas compliance, keeping your insurance valid and employees safe.

How long is a commercial gas safety certificate valid for?

Commercial gas safety certificates are valid for 12 months. Records must also be kept on file for four years.

Gas safety for business

It is a legal requirement for commercial properties to have an annual gas safety check of commercial gas appliances. Once the inspection is complete and if the property successfully passes the inspection, we can provide your business with a commercial gas safety certificate.

There are different types of gas safety certificates for commercial premises. The most common types are:

  • CP17 Gas safety certificate
  • CP15 Plant room commissioning/serving record
  • CP16 Gas testing and purging
  • CP42 commercial catering gas safety certificate, for restaurants, hotels and any commercial businesses with a catering installation

CP42 Catering gas safety certificate

The CP42 gas safety certificate for commercial kitchens must be carried out by a commercial gas engineer who is qualified to work on commercial catering equipment.

The CP42 gas safety certificate service differs to the general commercial gas safety as it is designed for:

  • Restaurants
  • Mobile catering trailers
  • School kitchens
  • Takeaways & fast food establishments
  • Industrial cooking establishments

As part of the CP42 certification, a gas safety interlock system is also required. The interlock system features an emergency stop button which is situated at the kitchen exit. This health and safety requirement is connected with the kitchens extraction system and gas equipment, ensuring the gas supply stops when the extraction system is switched off.

In some properties such as schools, carbon dioxide monitors can be installed as part of the gas safety interlock system.

Which properties need a commercial gas safety check?

Any commercial or industrial premises, or commercial catering establishment with gas appliances, requires an annual gas safety inspection. This includes commercial landlords who rent properties to tenants. MHL can carry out commercial gas safety inspections and provide certificates for both natural gas and LPG sites. We can also advise on any necessary repairs or maintenance work required to successfully pass your gas safety inspection.

Our commercial gas safety inspector will check your businesses gas appliances, pipe work and flues, making sure they are maintained in a safe condition in line with the gas safety (installation and use) regulations 1998. Once your property has passed the inspection, we will provide you with a digital gas safety certificate.

If your business requires a commercial or industrial gas safety certificate,  don’t hesitate to call MHL’s commercial gas team today.

Commercial Gas Safety Certificate

MHL are commercial gas safety experts. We provide comprehensive gas safety certificates for every type of business premises and commercial unit. Call our gas safety team today for more information

Catering Gas Safety Certificate

We provide every type of gas safety certificate including CP42 catering kitchen gas safety inspections. We are registered to inspect and certify  commercial kitchens in hotels, pubs, schools, takeaways and more

Industrial Gas Safety Certificate

MHL are industrial gas safety certification experts. We provide gas safety inspections for factories, warehouses and industrial premises. Call our industrial gas safety team today for an instant quote

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