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MHL provide gas safety certificates for residential properties, including landlord gas safety certificates (CP12) and homeowner gas safety certificates. In addition, we can also service or repair the boiler, gas appliances, or heating system while at the property.

If you’re letting a property, you’ll be required by law to have the gas appliances checked and certified by a Gas Safe registered engineer every 12 months. If you’re selling your home, you’ll need a homeowner gas safety certificate to prove your gas appliances are safe.

To book and pay for a gas safety certificate and optional service or repair, just choose an option below and click the button, it takes just a few seconds.

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Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)

If you’re letting a property, MHL can provide a CP12 Landlord gas safety certificate. This helps you stay within the law and keep your tenants safe. To arrange a visit, book in seconds by clicking the button below

Gas Safety Certificate + Service/Repair

While carrying out a landlord gas safety inspection, we can also help reduce costs by servicing the boiler, fire, or even repairing the heating system. Click the button below and book and pay online

Homeowner Gas Safety Certificate

If you’re selling your home we can provide a gas safety certificate to prove your gas appliances are safe. This is essential to ensure the sale proceeds without a hitch. To book in a few seconds just click the button

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