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Hot Water Cylinder Service & Installation

MHL provide repair, service and installation solutions for a wide range of hot water cylinders. Our experienced team of plumbers and gas engineers are registered to install every type of hot water cylinder, including:

  • Gravity & Vented
  • Electric
  • Unvented
  • Gas-fired
  • Thermal store
  • Direct & indirect

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Hot Water Cylinder Installation

Hot water tanks are installed in properties to provide large amounts of stored, hot water. Hot water cylinders are well-insulated, meaning homeowners can store hot water after it has been heated, reducing the need for constantly running heating, saving on energy bills and reducing environmental impact.

Hot water tanks are popular with residential properties to provide an instant hot water supply for kitchens and bathrooms, however, they are also popular with commercial buildings.

The type of hot water cylinder, size and specification can depend on your property, water supply and hot water usage. MHL are able to advise on an appropriate hot water cylinder for your property, as well as carry out efficient repairs, servicing and installation.

Types of Hot Water Cylinder

At MHL, we can carry out our services on several brands, including:

  • Megaflo
  • Gledhill
  • RM
  • OSO
  • Joule
  • Ultra Steel
  • Range
  • Manco
  • Heatrae & more

Our engineers are constantly kept up to date with training and the latest products and technology when it comes to hot water cylinders.

Vented & Unvented Cylinders

Two of the most popular types of hot water cylinders are unvented and vented (gravity) cylinders. The suitability of each will depend on a property. Unvented cylinders work of mains pressure water, whereas gravity fed hot water cylinders are supplied by a large water tank, usually kept in the loft. The water is heated when it is carried down a vent pipe, via gravity, into the hot water cylinder which heats the water. The greater the height of the cold water tank the greater the water pressure.

Direct & Indirect Cylinders

Direct hot water cylinders heat water directly, inside the cylinder itself using an immersion heater. These are available as vented and unvented systems.

Indirect hot water cylinders heat water using an external appliance, such as a boiler or solar panels. Water is stored inside the indirect cylinder, however, heated using external means. These often take longer to distribute hot water than direct cylinders. They are also available and vented or unvented systems.

Hot Water Cylinder Size

It’s also important to choose a hot water cylinder which is the correct size for the property, to ensure maximum efficiency and to meet hot water demands.

Choosing a hot water cylinder which is too big for a property can waste energy, as the system will be heating more water than the home needs. Also, a hot water cylinder too small for a property will see the hot water supply disappear quickly as it won’t be able to keep up with the hot water demand.

MHL can advise on an appropriate hot water cylinder type, size and model for your property.

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Hot Water Cyinder Service

MHL provide annual servicing for every type of hot water cylinder and heater. We have all the right knowledge and experience to taker care of your hot water equipment. Contact us today

Host Water Cylinder Repair

If your water isn’t heating up and you need help, call MHL. We provide emergency repairs for every brand and type of hot water cylinder. For a quick quote, complete our online form

Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

MHL are hot water cylinder replacement experts. Our elite installers will get your hot water running in no time. For a quick quote call the team or complete our online form

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