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Looking for a heating system power flushing expert?

MHL are a large team of central heating, radiator and boiler power flushing experts.

Power flushing is the process of removing sludge and other debris from radiators, boilers and pipework.

Utilising powerful chemicals, pumps and industrial magnets, your heating system can be restored close to its original condition, resulting in huge improvements in performance and efficiency.

MHL’s power flushing team utilise the very latest power flushing technology, including commercial grade pumps, magnetic filtration and thermal imaging cameras.

For an instant quotation to powerflush your heating system, call our friendly office team today – we’ll be glad to help.

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Boiler Power Flush

If your boiler’s making banging or kettling noises it may need a power flush. MHL power flush boilers and hot water cylinders as part of your heating system power flush. Call our power flushing experts today for help

Heating Power Flush

MHL use the latest technology to provide the ultimate heating system power flush. Our commercial grade flushing equipment utilises high powered magnets, pumps and chemicals. Book a power flush today

Radiator Power Flush

If you’re experiencing cold spots at the bottom of your radiators they probably need to be power flushed. MHL can flush individual radiators – or your entire  heating system. Call our power flushing team today for some free advice

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