Looking for an underfloor heating service or repair?

MHL service and repair wet underfloor heating systems nationwide.

Underfloor heating systems are generally reliable; however, niggles can develop that are challenging to solve. This is where MHL come in. With years of experience dealing with wet underfloor heating systems, we’ve gained the unique knowledge needed to keep your underfloor heating system running on all cylinders – and your home cosy and warm,.

Our team of underfloor heating experts are trained to maintain every brand and type of underfloor heating hardware, including Uponor, John Guest, Polypipe, ProWarm, Nu-Heat, + more. We specialise in maintaining both domestic and commercial underfloor heating systems.

Most underfloor heating maintenance issues can be repaired above ground, meaning your flooring will remain intact. Our specialists will provide a detailed diagnosis to source the fault and resolve any issues, wherever possible, on the same day.

For more information on maintaining wet underfloor heating systems, contact our friendly team today – or for a quick quote, choose an option below and complete the form.

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Underfloor Heating Service

MHL are wet underfloor heating service experts. We provide servicing solutions for every type of wet underfloor system. If your underfloor heating needs a service, call today or complete the form

Underfloor Heating Repair

Does your wet underfloor heating system need a repair? No problem, to send a quick quote we just need a few details. Please complete our short online form by clicking the button below

Underfloor Heating Support

For wet underfloor heating help and advice contact MHL. We can provide the right advice on the servicing and maintenance of underfloor heating systems. If you need help, call the specialists

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