Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

What are the different types of underfloor heating?

Wet underfloor heating:

Wet underfloor heating utilises hot water from your boiler to heat a room via a series of pipes laid within the floor.  A matrix of plastic pipework is installed below floor level and insulated against heat loss. The pipework is connected to your boiler/heating system via a thermostatically controlled manifold. Each room or ‘zone’ can be controlled independently via a programable room thermostat. Wet underfloor systems are ideal for complete home heating, particularly in large spaces such as barn conversions or offices. They can be expensive to install and require invasive building works to complete 

Electric  underfloor heating:

Electric underfloor heating heats a room via a series of electric cables laid within the floor.  A matrix of electric cables is installed below floor level and insulated against heat loss. The cables are connected to your standard electrical supply. Each room or ‘zone’ can be controlled independently via a programable room thermostat. Electric underfloor heating is generally used for single rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens, or an extra room added via an extension. They are much quicker and easier to install than wet systems, however, the heat generated is lower, and the running costs generally much higher.

Which type of underfloor heating is the cheapest to run?

When it comes to your energy costs, wet underfloor heating systems are more efficient than electric systems. The installation cost for wet underfloor heating systems is significantly higher. However, they are much cheaper to run, due to the fuel source (gas, oil, wood burner etc) and higher grade of insulation.

Does underfloor heating need servicing?

Although underfloor heating is largely maintenance-free, we would still recommend having regular servicing to maintain an efficient system. Regular servicing of UFH is also the most effective way to prevent future technical issues from occurring. Annual servicing of underfloor heating systems is recommended to ensure maximum efficiency.

Regular maintenance of UFH systems will improve the efficiency of the underfloor heating system and reduce the chances of it breaking down. If underfloor heating is left for years without being maintained or serviced, then a build-up of debris can occur. This can affect moving parts such as valves, pumps,  and flow meters, which will reduce performance.

At MHL, we provide repairs and servicing for underfloor heating manifolds and controls. Our team of commercial and domestic underfloor heating experts are trained to maintain all brands and types of underfloor heating hardware, including:

  • Uponor
  • John Guest
  • Polypipe
  • Nu-Heat

MHL carry out regular training from well-known underfloor heating manufacturers, so we’re kept up-to-date with the latest tech, helping us achieve a swift diagnose and repair of your underfloor heating fault.

How much does an underfloor heating service cost?

Servicing domestic wet underfloor heating systems costs between £150-250. The cost may increase for larger systems. If new parts are required the cost may be higher. Commercial underfloor heating systems take longer to service than domestic, expect to pay between £2-300 for a commercial underfloor heating service.

Underfloor heating faults

Failing to maintain regular servicing of underfloor heating systems can lead to the following faults:

  • unbalanced flow rates
  • blockages in the system
  • wiring issues
  • zones not heating up adequately
  • malfunctioning pumps
  • Airlocked pipes

Taking a proactive approach with underfloor heating servicing can resolve potential issues early, reducing the need for further maintenance and repair costs.

If you have noticed issues with the performance of your underfloor heating system, it could be time for a service. Signs of UFH maintenance issues include:

  • inconsistent heating output
  • rooms not heating up properly
  • Unusually high heating bills

At MHL, we can carry out a full inspection and service of your underfloor heating system, to find and repair any potential faults.

Types of Underfloor Heating

MHL specialise in repairing and maintaining a range of underfloor heating systems for domestic and commercial properties. Whichever type or style of underfloor heating is installed at your home or business an MHL engineer can help. 

Our underfloor heating specialists are kept up-to-date with the latest underfloor heating technology, ensuring we quickly and effectively repair any underfloor heating system. The majority of underfloor heating maintenance issues can be repaired above ground, meaning your home and flooring can remain intact. We will always provide a full and detailed diagnosis to find any potential issues and resolve them, wherever, possible, on the same day.

Need a wet underfloor heating system service?

If you’re looking for a competitive quote for an underfloor heating service, contact the friendly office team at MHL – info@moorhouseheating.com

Need a wet underfloor heating system repair?

If you require a quick quote for the repair of your wet underfloor heating system we just need a few details, please complete the short online form – we are nationwide

Find out more information or get a service/repair quote on MHL’s website 

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